QuickBooks 2012 Accounting Procedures Improvised

With the release of QuickBooks 2012, Intuit has renewed its focus on assisting the accounts professional all over the world. With the QuickBooks 2012 release date announced, accountants all over the world have been waiting in anticipation to find out the new features that had been introduced in the latest version by Intuit. QuickBooks 2012 is really a version that has many interesting and useful features that help the accountants increase their functions in the accounting procedures.

Improvisation of the File Manager in QuickBooks 2012

quickbooks 2012One of the most helpful features found in the QuickBooks is the File Manager, which was actually introduced in the QuickBooks 2011. File Manager is very helpful especially if you are working on various client files and assists you to organize the various client files into groups and retain the clients’ passwords in a secured way. The QuickBooks 2012 has more improvements on the File Manager with ‘Backup / Restore’ client list and password features being introduced. The improvement has made the work of the accountant easier.

What are the goodies inside QuickBooks 2012?

The improved File Manager maintains list of passwords for different clients files and has information that actually organizes the files into various lists. As the information covers the multiple client’s files, it cannot be directly stored in normal QuickBooks company database file. This data is stored by QuickBooks on the local computer. QuickBooks 2012 release date has helped the work become easier and more effective. The File Manager of QuickBooks 2012 also lets the user create a secure backup copy of the client’s information, which can be used for safekeeping or moved to another computer. You just need to select the tools, create ‘file manager’ backup and save the file in the specified location by creating a username and a strong password. This way, a ‘QBFM’ file is created, and it can be saved on a flash drive or CD and moved to different terminals.

Some of the best features of QuickBooks 2012

In the QuickBooks 2012, an information tab is added that gives summary of the important information you require from time to time. Here, you can also add a note if you like. Another feature in the QuickBooks 2012 is the QuickBooks Express start. When clicked on the Express start, several questions are asked and by adding a few records, like customers or bank accounts and items, a new company file is created. The QuickBooks 2012 release date has undoubtedly brought a faster version of the different features of the software than ever before.

Other features of the 2012 edition of QuickBooks

One another useful feature of QuickBooks 2012 is ‘Create from the existing company file’. However, this option is found only on the Accountant version of QuickBooks 2012. It helps the user use the existing QuickBooks file as a template from which the new file is created and the new file copies the following from the template. Preferences rather than credit cards and checking accounts, memorized reports, chart of accounts, Tax form types and Sales tax items are found in the item list. Small businessmen and accountants around the world are really excited with the QuickBooks 2012 release date.